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Landscaping architectural companies offer a number of services, and the larger companies that offer bigger jobs require complex preparations and strategies that demand a reliable fleet of construction machinery.

With all the various brands of construction machinery to choose from, landscaping architects have a lot of options, and this can lead to making a choice challenging and time-consuming. CEOs of large landscaping architect companies are often tasked with putting together internal teams to research various types of construction machinery and the brands that make them. And fleet managers are generally tasked with the final decision-making.

This article is intended to help landscaping architect fleet managers learn why Case is a trusted brand and a great option to providing the most reliable construction fleet.


As a landscape architect, you do a number of jobs. From landscape design to building irrigation systems, and from water feature designs to concrete and asphalt laying, your job types are expansive and therefore the construction company you buy from should offer an expansive line to accommodate any job you are tasked with.

Case construction equipment offers excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, backhoe lifters, motor graders, track loaders, skid steers, forklifts, and compaction machines ensuring that organizations tasked with multiple job types have a solution for every need. Having variety offers reliability, and when you can get a solution for every need under one brand like Case construction machinery, you are already at an advantageous head start on any project.


Every project a landscaping architect comes with design guidelines, and these design guidelines call for various tasks that require precision and accuracy. This means your field engineers need construction equipment with comfortable cabins, and sensitive controls that are easy to use and that don’t stick or meet resistance.

In addition, they need construction machines like a backhoe that can perform the task of three separate vehicles. The backhoe is the classic “Swiss Army Knife” of construction machinery as it can lift, dig, excavate, crane, grade and much more. And landscaping architect companies that have researched Case construction machines will likely know that the brand was responsible for creating and engineering the world’s first backhoe. Not only is Case a leading construction machinery company for landscape architects that creates high quality heavy equipment, but Case equipment is a pioneering force that created the bar that’s set in the industry.


Competitive landscaping architecture and exterior maintenance companies perform hundreds of jobs every year. This means their construction equipment sees more wear and tear than the average organization. Your ability to retain current client contracts and get new client accounts stems on having a fully functioning equipment fleet, and Case has the best in the industry. All service people are certified Master Technicians trained specifically on maintaining and repairing Case machines. This is a very compelling reason why landscaping firms invest in Case–they know their investment is in the best hands to ensure efficiency and year-over-year growth.