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Why Choose Reman for your CASE Backhoe Parts and other parts for heavy equipment


Remanufacturing or ‘Reman’ is a process where previously used parts are disassembled, examined, restored and tested to meet ‘as new’ specifications. This makes Case reman parts for heavy equipment a high quality, low cost alternative to new original parts.  Genuine CASE remanufactured parts are completely remanufactured from their core to their original, like-new condition — not rebuilt from the point of failure.  It could be any type of part such as a forklift engine or excavator hydraulic pumps.  Genuine CASE remanufactured parts cost less than new parts, and because they come ready to install, they significantly cut down on repair times and costs—an important consideration when wanting to get back to a jobsite quickly.   The Reman process utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, strict performance standards and unequaled quality control.  To ensure peak performance on the jobsite, they’re fully tested to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.  All reman transmissions, engines, and rotating electricals are treated the same whether it is a forklift starter, a 580 Case backhoe engine or other Case backhoe parts.


What are the benefits of using Reman Parts for Heavy Equipment:

  • Reman parts are on average over 30% cheaper than the equivalent new part
  • As many of our parts come as drop-in assemblies, ready to install to you save time
  • Parts are remanufactured to ‘as new’ specifications they outperform used or rebuilt parts and turn out even better than new parts as they address any pre-existing issues


Do Reman parts qualify for warranty, even for CASE Backhoe Parts?

Sonsray Machinery, an Authorized CASE CE distributor offers parts and labor warranties that cover remanufactured parts installed by their factory-trained, Master Certified Technicians.  They even offer Purchase Protection Plans that reduce the cost of potential future repairs and protect your equipment beyond the base warranty.  Most reman parts are warrantied for 12 months.  However, engines and transmissions, like a skid steer engine and a case 350 dozer transmission, have double the warranty which are covered for 24 months.


Every Reman Part for Construction Equipment is:

  • Completely disassemble all cores.
  • Thoroughly clean each component and test it against the latest OEM specifications.
  • Replace all wear parts with new components including bearings, seals, gaskets and more.
  • Restore or replace all other components.
  • Reassemble and test the finished parts one final time to ensure OEM performance​.

Reman Parts for Construction Vehicles are Environmentally Friendly

The Reman process is a result of sustainable manufacturing as many of the original components are remanufactured to avoid introduction of new materials in the process.  Rebuilding from the large metal housing reduces greenhouse emissions as no further need for smelting nor casting is required.  Plus, when you install Reman parts it’s proven that you can expect increased resell value, better than buying used, rebuilt or from a case construction equipment salvage yard.  Better increased resell value plus environmentally friendly, is a win-win for everyone.


So if you’re looking to save money and open to Reman parts which will help reduce machinery downtime, compared to new replacement parts, contact your local CASE CE dealer, Sonsray Machinery– who has 13 locations in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.  Ask to speak to a parts for construction machines expert or one of Sonsray’s Parts Managers and discover how Reman parts are right for you.

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